A whole world of apps

Medix comes with an extensive catalog of apps and guarantees the easy installation of hot consumer and third-party apps for professional use. A diverse range of customizible clinical applications are also available – select exactly which functions suit your healthcare environment.


  • Patient information
  • Digital signage
  • Location awareness


  • TV/video on-demand
  • News/sports/weather
  • Games and music


  • Service requests
  • Tools for disabilities
  • Tools and utilities


  • Patient education and care plans
  • Health records
  • Surveys
  • Meal ordering


  • Voice and video communication
  • My Care team
  • Social Media
  • Translation

Clinical workflow

  • Clinical access at bedside
  • Health metrics
  • Video nurse call
  • Bed and facility management

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  • Medix grants cloud-based access any device, clinic- or patient-owned, and enables services to be installed in the cloud. Not only does this significantly reduce the complexity of the installation, it also lowers the cost of ownership.

  • Medix features a BYOD interface, which enables patients to connect to hospital networks and access apps with their own devices, including smartphones and tablets. In this way, they automatically enjoy the same user interface as Medix devices.

  • Medix is based on the Android operating system, an open source and free platform built on Linux that boasts an extensive developer community. With billions of Android devices and apps in use around the world by millions, Android is poised to become the OS of the future.

  • It's never been so easy to get up and running. Simply connect your devices to the cloud-based server, run the installation wizard, and your solution will be ready and functional in moments.

  • Flexible in terms of costs and technologies, Medix is ideal for any budget - from entry-level all the way up to the most advanced, top-level applications possible. Medix also allows for platform evolution while tackling major constraints related to hospital budget, project scope, network infrastructure and security.


We would like to present to you our strong partner companies from the most diverse industries. Within the framework of our cooperations we are their reliable OEM, distribution and development partner.