Medix terminal



Medix for terminal enables Medix to be available on terminals with Android operating system.

  • TV / IPTV with multilanguage channel list
  • Android app catalog with apps like games, news, sport or entertainment/streaming
  • Service request app
  • Feedbackform app
  • Inroom ordering app
  • Medical apps
  • SIP telephony


The 15.6 inch and 18.5 inch terminal comes with an optional handset. The Remedi Medi-View is the right Bedside Terminal. With it’s antibacterial material, fanless design, UL 60601-1 safety approval and IP65 front face, our terminal is fully optimized for patient rooms. With the according arms, a mounting and integration into the patient room is easy. With the built in camera you can even start video calls to keep your relatives more close to patient.